Gary Keller tenor saxJan 4rd, 2018

So pleased with the turnout for mine and John Hart’s  JEN presentation today:

Upper Structures: The Unifying Element Between Chords, Scales, and the Melodic Line:

If you were unable to get a copy of the hand out here it is:

Some of the grand questions we attempted to answer:

   Is there any logic behind all these scales, chords, and  names?
   We talk about modes, but what does “modal” mean?
   If there is just a mode name how do I know what chord to play?
   How is it voiced to get the right sound?
   Are there any principles that tie all this chord scale  theory
   We need to hear it – but what is “it”?
   Are there any shortcuts?
   What can we learn from completely intuitive or “ear”  players?

  • Otherwise, the spring semester beckons – The weather is beautiful in Miami and Dave Holland will be visiting Frost as our artist in residence, also John Beasley, Troy Roberts, Nick Smart, and our own artist in residence Gonzalo Rubalcaba. I’ll be appearing at some of the local jazz haunts, including the new jazz series at the South Dade Cultural Arts Center with the John Hart, John Yarling, and Adam Scone on organ. Rumor has it there might be a B3 there…

Recently returned from Argentina and the 2017 Buenos Aires Jazz Festival where I performed at the BeBop Club with MARIANO LOIACONO, trumpet, PABLO RAPOSO, piano, BELEN LOPEZ, double bass, and Sir EARL GRICE, drums. All great players – full club, great venue, the audience was wonderful. Hope to return in the future!

Audition time for Frost! If you are applying I’m looking forward to hearing you!

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